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Origin:  Long Island, New York


Genres:  Gospel, Christian

Years Active:  2012- Present


Label:  Inspired Recording

Calvary & Friends came together by the inspiration of band leader and producer Kevin Smith in 2012.  The group was formed out of the Calvary Apostolic Church in Massapequa New York and was extended to some good friends whom we had fellowship with for many years and became like a family of singers and musicians throughout different church events, concerts and festivals.  Most of us are from the island of Jamaica and currently live in the United States and our sound have attracted a lot of people that surrounds us because of the blend and style of our music.  We are a set of young people who decided to represent God through our music ministry in order for souls to be saved and to be born in the kingdom of God.  Although the group has just came together we felt like we have been singing for while because we all bring something to the group both musically and spiritually that makes us just jell together so well that it brings a blessing to the people whenever we minister.  We truly love the gospel and how it saved of us and made us into worshipers is just a testament to our God that there is blessing that awaits everyone who would believe in our lord and savior Jesus Christ because he did for us and we know that he is still doing it.

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This Video was Done By one Of Our Fans With The Help Of Filmora.

Label: Inspired Recording


Management: Calvary And Friends




Artistry: Gospel Artist


Calvary & Friends Music Ministry
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