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The Calvary And Friends Music Ministry is about winning souls for Christ and spreading the gospel through music and inspiration from the lord above.

Our inspirations came from many different artists such as Israel and New Breed, John P Kee, Shirley Ceaser, The Mutual Gospel Singers and many others who have helped us present gospel music with a versatile style.  Our mission is to continue to spread the word of God through music in order to make an impact on people's lives.

Thank you

Many thanks to our Bishop Denton Smith and his wife who believed in us from day one he is very supportive of anything and everything that we do for Christ and we appreciate you sir.  To our families such as husbands, wives children and other family members thank you for being patient with us and praying for us through our very first album God bless you all.  Also to the late Mother Mclennon the grand mother of Kevin, Wayne and Kerry Ann we truly miss you but we meet will again someday.  Finally to one of the best bands That ever sang and played gospel music from the Island of Jamaica Prayer Tabernacle 52 Woodpecker Avenue 'The Mutual Gospel Singers' they never got a chance to do a record but they were a blessing to the Island of Jamaica.  Thank you all and we know that God will continue to bless much love as well to the Calvary Apostolic Church Family.

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